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Job site readiness

Different things to different people. Pink to one is chartreuse to another.

It's all a matter of perspective.

Unless it's whether or not your site is ready for the kitchen equipment to be delivered and set.

Hoods need walls with GWB; unless they're island hoods. Overhead duct should be roughed in.

Walk-ins need a floor to be built on and a finished roof if indoors (water wreaks havoc on panels once it gets cold and the ice expands)

Extremely large items (like really big pizza ovens and rotating rack ovens) should be brought in around the same time as the walk-in box to ensure a path to get it from here to there.

The custom fabrication should be delivered next, in most cases, after the walls have their finishes and the ceiling has been installed. Do you really want someone climbing on top of and scratching your brand spanking new lustrous stainless?

Buyout equipment after that, once the plumbers have dressed out faucets so the fab can be final set.

Your smallwares are your smallwares - get them after the cleaning crew.


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